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Vesi & Kate
( the makers ) 

  This is the place where you'll see us getting creative as we pour out our hearts into every piece that we make! We love what we do, we love bringing joy in people's lives, we love sharing the Gospel through the eyes of the creator in us ( because as He is in this world,  so are we too ☺️ )!

In the beginning God spoke into existence everything that we know now! He materialised His vision of beauty and perfection and His personal touch is in every colour and every shape! It is our privilege to be used by the Creator to give life to something that may touch someone's life in ways that no one can comprehend and this is our goal! To bring Glory to Him through everything we create!
You can go trough the submenu and choose between Wood Signs, Resin Art and Candles. 

We hope you will enjoy!

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